My impressions about new TvT map.

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My impressions about new TvT map.

So I just play my first TvT on the new map, first of all I want to say that I like the new pirate-theme lobby we have :) now about the actual map which is a fortress map it's... not bad I guess I prefer it over Coloseum for sure but still I would like to see more maps & a vote system to choose our selves what event we want to play as some event's is useless atm & no1 join them like Last Hero for example only tank join that lol & as I have describe in some previous thread I make regarding this matter make the votes to be every hour plz & never stop no matter what time is it, because there is a lot of ppl play late at night if ppl join TvT a few times & like it they will join more often not only for rewards but to just have some fun & that's the point when u join an event to have fun :)

So good job to all the server staff for the changes & I can't w8 to see new maps & the vote system, continue like that & sorry for my rude behavior some times I just have high expectations for this server because it is the server I play right now so every complain every idea/suggestion every report I do is because I have high expectations & I expect the best for me & every1 who play on this server I hope my ideas will help the server even a little to become more popular & more & more ppl join in the future.

EDIT: 1 small complain the removal of buffs/dance/song from npc-buffer is gonna create much more probs than what u think, I thought we already have enough buffpets filling every clan hall/town now this is gonna make things even worse & new ppl would either a) create their own buffers(more buffers!) b) spam shout begging for buffs/or that they buy buffs or c) quit/change server because it would be unable for them to farm & their PC is too old to log multiple clients, maybe u must rethink this change? I'm just saying...

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Re: My impressions about new TvT map.

Was nice to read this. Thanks.

We have plans to add a vote system or something similar and we will think about a new way to handle events, probably with no schedule.

About buffer thing, maybe we will add some buffs back, but not all. We are talking about this.