Looking for new staff members! Apply within.

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Looking for new staff members! Apply within.

Hello players,

L2Vanir is looking for staff members, not only GMs but also people that want to help to improve the server in many possible ways such as graphic designer, game master, forum moderator, etc.

We decided to make an application to know people's interest and decide where they can work best at.

The application form is composed of open questions about yourself and your interests in the game. If you are interested in becoming a part of the L2Vanir staff fill the following apply composed of six questions and send it to [GM]Sekai via PM.

You have to copy the questions and paste them in a PM to [GM]Sekai, then write your answers below each question!
(Applicants that send blank answers or yes/no will be disqualified!)

1- Name and a little introduction about yourself (How old are you? do you work? at? do you study? what do you study?, where are you from? and the languages you speak):

2- Your nick name, why did you start in this server and what are your main goals as a player (knowing people from around the world, getting a certain item, getting Hero or any goals that you may have)

3- How many years have you played Lineage 2? Any retail experience? how much time have you played here in L2Vanir and how did you know us.

4- How many years have you been playing online games for? which games have you played? have you been GM in any other server? have you been a moderator before?

5- Why do you want to become a staff member and what would you like to do and why.

6- Here you can tell us anything that you think we should know!

Don't post in this thread your application because we and you don't want everyone to know your personal information. I will get in contact with those who are chosen to start a testing phase as GM, If you aren't answered it will mean that you haven't been chosen.

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Re: Looking for new staff members! Apply within.


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Re: Looking for new staff members! Apply within.

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