Good Leveling paths

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Good Leveling paths

I am very new in the server, and in the game too, so, I was thinking that perhaps, some of the more experienced players in here, could post a list of their leveling paths recomended, having in mind for example if those places have Herbs, of if teh experience is better than another places, etc,
Despite the fact that i am a real NOOB, my path at this moments was:

1-20 Obelisc of Victory (from Talking Village)
20-30 Outside Dion Village (also here you will be able to get come keys and open some chests)
30-40 Cruma - (Starting just outside the tower and end with the Spiders)
40-52 Outside Aden (the last lvls here is very long time, but I didnt find another better place)
52-58 Forsaken Plains (teleport from Aden, then going to a norrow path with some orcs archers, shamans and gargolyts)
58-61 Forsaken Plains (teleport from Aden, then going to that kind of "crater" with the dragons, white striped Tigers and Orc Overlords)
61-until 64 (my actual level) I am playing in Silent Valley (teleport from Rune)

And thats it, I am actually playing a caster, so I need herbs for keeping my mana up, and until now, in those places I havent much mana problems.

And now, I am kind of blind from now on hahahah any help would be nice, places with herbs would be GREAT!

Thank you in advanced!

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Re: Good Leveling paths

fields of massacre with quests: "a game of cards" and "seductive whispers", but not every mob there drop herbs

You can run there till 70

On 70+ you should go Blazing Swamp and make supplier of reagents quest. 1 lunargent is(was?) worth about 90kk so u can earn much money there by crafting lunargents for lazy-asses...

76+ Primaveral Isle with all related quests on - u  can get there almost 100kk/h

Aka Starvation

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Re: Good Leveling paths

1 - 24 Ruin of Despair
24 - 40+ Raid Boss 20-25 (depends which is available)
40+ - 60 Cruma tower 2nd level
60 - 79 P.Lvl with a lvl80 Dreadnought
79 - 81 7signs quest

Im sure others do it different which is alot faster than me.

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Re: Good Leveling paths

65+ pwlvl in soa with full vit :D

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Re: Good Leveling paths