[Clan Package] TeamUmizoomi

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[Clan Package] TeamUmizoomi

Clan Name: TeamUmizoomi
Clan Level: 2
Clan Leader: Zeratul
Clan Crest: (optional): Not yet available
Clan Member(s): Name in-game and the link of their introduction posts in the forums: name Zeratul name Vicoloko name Khaaleesi name Reencarnage Name Fluttershy Name Fluterbat Name Kendall Name Mucksimo Name Hozboy

A brief introduction about your clan: 

TeamUmizoomi is a clan made it by friends and family, 100% mexican, in the search of the fun of this new server. Some of us have played lineage by many years and now we are with our new friends trying to achieve the greatest things in this server. Today we are few people but we always search for new players who want to join the fun. Be afraid, because TeamUmizoomi has arrived.

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Re: [Clan Package] TeamUmizoomi

do you guys still play? :>
to be fair i seen few of you only :( like 2
tho if u still play and u got some questions or need help with anything, just contact me in game ;P
i'm a helpfull asshole ;P