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clan package

hello, didnt know where to put it in, ive got a question about packages, if i post presentations of 10 clan mates who joined today, and after feww days more ppl from my clan will join, will all of them get the package? cause if not, it kinda freezes us till all join, which is about a week i assume.

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Re: clan package


To receive the reward you need to introduce your clan here, the thread tittle must have [Clan Package] tag followed by the name of the clan to be valid, and must contain the following information:

Clan Name:
Clan Level:
Clan Leader:
Clan Crest: (optional)
Clan Member(s): Name in-game and the link of their introduction posts in the forums.
A brief introduction about your clan:
A screenshot of your clan with all members (optional)

When you have 8 players who have made their presentation posts, we can start giving the individual and general rewards to the clan members, once more members get in within the same month and make their presentation posts we can give the rewards to those players as well.

Remember that every player has to be an individual, if we detect something weird the clan package will be denied.

You can also communicate with me about this matter through PM.

Welcome and have a good day!