Can't Teleport inside Catacombs

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Can't Teleport inside Catacombs


I was regged for the Seven Sign with 3 chars on "Dawn Priest", Dawn won the festival so this week they can farm at catacombs and necropolis (that's the theory).
This week 2 of my chars can't teleport inside catacombs / necropolis because zigourat says "only Lord of Dawn" can pass. I was farming AA with the 3rd char this week, but yesterday I couldnt teleport inside catacomb because of the same message.

Am I doing something wrong or its a bug?

I would be very happy if you inform me or fix this if its bug before Monday because I need to farm AA because of crafts and I cant wait 2 weeks to farm AA again.

Thanks in advice.

Contact in the game : Lexi / Ergaleio