Ancient Tomb - Trade

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Ancient Tomb - Trade

Hi gms! How are you? :)

Well, yesterday I was in Hellbound taking tombs and making the quest to trade them. But, after discuss with my clan friends, we notice that the items can't be traded. And in the item discription don't appears it (that we can't trade). In others servers this tombs are exchangeable.

Can you check this to me?
Wainting the answer, and thank you already. :D


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Re: Ancient Tomb - Trade

Hello C4,
After looking at the item information from the retail servers, we know that the "Ancient Tome Of The Demon" were never infact tradable. The items obtain when you open these tomes are also untradable. However, the items obtained by trading in these tomes such as the Dynastic Essence and Forgotten Scrolls (from Shadai the nocturnal dwarf on Hellbound) are infact tradable.

I hope this information helps.